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Ainslie’s Story

Ainslie Cyopik is a retired professional dancer and the driving force behind AinslieWear Design. She has bridged the gap from professional dancer to professional designer. Having spent 15 years dancing with companies such the National Ballet of Canada and Ballet British Columbia, she often found the dancewear available didn’t quite fit right or meet the needs of long rehearsal days. Instead of “just making do”, she created a line of dancewear for herself with all the qualities she was looking for. Over the years, her reputation grew as a designer of dancewear clothing that not only looked great, but was also made with a personal understanding of a dancer’s needs.


Carrying on her love for the art of dance and a true passion for the grace of its practitioners, Ainslie started a business focusing on her design and development of dancewear on a full-time basis in 1997.

AinslieWear Today

Today, AinslieWear Design produces bodysuits, known for their exceptional quality and fabulous fit. Our products are worn by leading dancers and students alike, from Paris to Tokyo. AinslieWear manufactures dancewear for men, women, and girls. Our line of leotards, tops, shorts, pants and cover–ups are made in Vancouver BC, Canada. Our local cutters, sewers and staff take great pride in making high-quality clothing.

Gorgeous dancewear fabrics are the foundation of the line and always have great 4-way stretch, exceptional strength, and durability. Our leotards fit like a glove and feel buttery and soft. Ainslie focuses on having stunning lines that shows off all a dancer’s hard work.

Top and bottoms are “designed for dance” with every consideration for movement and comfort. Cover-ups help with “heat management” so that a dancer can feel great at all times. Bra tops and crop tops are made with exceptional comfort, and coverage, so you can focus on your dancing and not on your clothing.